Spring and Fall Events




Dear KSMD member,

As you will recall, because of the COVID -19 pandemic, it was impossible for us to hold our usual Mayflower Society Spring Meeting last April, and even for several months later. As a consequence. The entire election of KMSD's new officers has been delayed until our Fall Meeting to be held at the Pendennis Club on the first Saturday in November, namely November 7, 2020. With the reopening of the Pendennis Club, it is now my expectation that this meeting will be held, and the formal notice for that meeting will be sent out in early October 2020. So please reserve that date for this important meeting. Along with the election of our new officers, we expect to have a great speaker (Dr. Terry Conners), a delicious Thanksgiving meal and a fun and informative afternoon. In addition, I wish to remind you that this month the US Postal Service is issuing a Mayflower stamp honoring the landing in America 400 years ago. I encourage you to buy them early. Since November 7th will be the last day of my service as your Governor of the Kentucky Flower Society, I wish to thank you for the privilege and honor this has afforded me, and for all of the help and support you have provided.

I hope to see you at our meeting on November 7th.

Best wishes and warmest regards.


Governor of KSMD