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Organized 27 October 1943 - Incorporated 17 October 1944 - Amended & Restated 26 April 2008

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About The Kentucky Society

The Kentucky Society of Mayflower Descendants was organized on 27 October 1943 and Incorporated on 17 October 1944.  The Articles of Incorporation were Amended and Restated on 26 April 2008. The current active membership roll consists of about 145 adult members and 40 or so junior members.

The total membership meets twice each year. The annual Compact Day meeting is held in November and the spring meeting in April. These meetings with speakers are open to all members and their guests. The Board of Assistants meets prior to the meeting, or upon notification by the Governor.

Invitation for Membership

Any person able to document his/her lineal descent from one or more of the following Mayflower passengers from whom descent is known is eligible to apply for membership in the General Society of Mayflower Descendants (source: The Mayflower Quarterly, vol. 75, no. 4, Dec 2009).


Men on the Mayflower:




John Alden
Isaac Allerton
John Billington

William Bradford
William Brewster
Peter Browne
James Chilton
Francis Cooke
Edward Doty
Francis Eaton
Moses Fletcher
Edward Fuller
Samuel Fuller



Stephen Hopkins
John Howland
Richard More
William Mullins
Degory Priest
Thomas Rogers
Henry Samson
George Soule
Myles Standish
John Tilley
Richard Warren
William White
Edward Winslow

Women on the Mayflower: 

                         Mary (Norris) Allerton wife of Isaac Allerton

                         Elinor Billington wife of John Billington

                         Dorothy (May) Bradford wife of William Bradford

                         Mary Brewster wife of William Brewster

                         Mrs. James Chilton name uncertain, possibly Susanna Furner

                         Sarah Eaton wife of Francis Eaton

                         Mrs. Edward Fuller name unknown

                         Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins wife of Stephen Hopkins

                         Joan (Hurst) Rogers Tilley wife of John Tilley, widow of Thomas Rogers, not the Mayflower passenger

                         Susanna (Jackson) White wife of William White, later became Susanna Winslow, wife of Edward Winslow

                         Note: Mrs. Alice Mullins is not qualified as she is not proved to be Priscilla's mother

 Children on the Mayflower: 

                         Bartholomew Allerton had known children, but no one has yet to prove descent

                         Remember Allerton later married Moses Maverick

                         Mary Allerton later married Thomas Cushman

                         Francis Billington

                         Love Brewster

                         Mary Chilton later married John Winslow, brother of Edward Winslow

                         John Cooke

                         Samuel Eaton

                         Samuel Fuller

                         Constance Hopkins later married Nicholas Snow

                         Giles Hopkins

                         Richard More

                         Priscilla Mullins later married John Alden

                         Joseph Rogers

                         Elizabeth Tilley later married John Howland

                         Peregrine White born on Mayflower in Provincetown Harbor

                         Resolved White

For details about each Mayflower passenger see this link at Caleb Johnson's MayflowerHistory.com at:



Any direct descendant (18 or older) of one of the above-named passengers on the Mayflower on the voyage terminating at Plymouth, New England, in 1620, is eligible for membership in the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. All Candidates for membership must be proposed and seconded by members in good standing of the Kentucky Society.


Prospective members shall begin the membership process by submitting an Application Review Form (see link below) to the Kentucky Historian for initial review.  After the initial review, the Kentucky Historian will request copies of the documented proofs for the line of descent. The Kentucky Historian shall prepare the Application for Membership, and mail it to the applicant for signature.  The signed application form shall be forwarded back to the Kentucky Historian along with the initiation fee.  The non-refundable initiation fee is $200.00 and includes the first year's annual dues. Currently the annual dues are $50.00 and life memberships are $1000.00. Final approval of all lineage papers rests with the Historian General in Plymouth, Massachusetts, after which the applicant is elected to the Kentucky Society of Mayflower Descendants and is assigned a Kentucky number.  Finally the applicant is assigned a General Society number.  An attractive certificate suitable for framing will be sent to the new member.


The current Kentucky Society Supplemental application fee is $150.


For a free review of your line by the Kentucky Historian complete and submit the Application Review Form - CLICK HERE


To aid in the application process, the General Society of Mayflower Descendants library also offers an optional lineage review of your lineage for a $125 fee.  Click Link below:


Fill out the Mayflower Lineage Match Form online and submit it. It will be reviewed by the Mayflower Society librarian as quickly as possible and you will receive a report on the findings with complete instructions on how to proceed. There is a $125.00 fee for this service. The lineage review is not necessary in cases where a close family member has recently joined the Mayflower Society. You may also inquire about membership by calling the General Society office at 508-746-3188.

Junior members are proposed by a relative already a member in good standing in the Kentucky Society. The application form may be obtained by contacting the Junior Membership Chairman, payment of the appropriate fee, and then receiving final notice from the Kentucky Historian. Junior members may remain in this category until age 25 with no further dues. However, upon reaching the age of 18, junior members may become a regular member by following the usual procedures.

For a Junior Membership Application Form - CLICK HERE


What You Need To Know About Our Society

The Pilgrims

Most people know the story of the Mayflower which set sail from England in 1620 for the northeast coast of America. It carried 102 passengers of English origin. Some of the passengers came from Holland where they had been living to escape the religious persecution they had experienced in England. They were now leaving Holland for economic reasons and for the welfare of their children who would otherwise lose their identity in this foreign country. They sought a place where they could continue to have the same religious freedom they had enjoyed in Holland. The remainder of the passengers, who had still been living in England, were simply seeking a new home for the betterment of their personal situations. Together, these two groups were later to be known as Pilgrims.

The Mayflower Compact

When the Mayflower was safely anchored at Cape Cod, the Pilgrims drew up a declaration which established the basis for an eventual and unprecedented democratic system of self-government. This document has become known as The Mayflower Compact.

To learn more about the Mayflower Compact - CLICK HERE

The Mayflower Descendants

In remembrance of those early settlers and founders of democracy, descendants formed a Society in 1897 for the purposed of (1) perpetuating the memory of the Pilgrim Fathers, (2) maintaining the democratic principles of civil and religious liberty as set forth in the Mayflower Compact, and (3) fostering the ideals and institutions of American freedom. The General Society of Mayflower Descendants is a federation of 52 regional societies, consisting of 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada.

Why Should You Be Interested?

1. You would be honoring the memory of our forebears who inspired ideals for the founding of our great Constitutional Republic.

2. You would enter into the fellowship of people who share a common history and ancestry in the passengers of the Mayflower.

3. By joining the Society, your genealogical record would be filed in a secure place.

4. With your record on file with the Society, it would be easier for your descendants to establish their genealogical lines.

5. Through the programs of the Society, history can be made to come alive for you.

6.  This is an era of mobility. If you should move to a new locality, your membership can be transferred. This would enable you to meet new people more quickly and easily, and thus become better acquainted in your new home.

7. As a member, you would receive the Kentucky Society newsletter and the General Society's Mayflower Quarterly, a magazine providing current information and views on Pilgrim history.


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